Peach Belt Conference
Baseball Championship


Florence, S.C.

The City of Florence is a fine example of a genteel, Southern city. This mid-sized Southern city is large enough to boast a performance theater, symphony orchestra, many ballet companies, museums and festivals. Still, the City is small enough to preserve a small-town feeling with a number of tree-lined streets and parks, all of which add to the pleasant lifestyle that citizens enjoy. Residents exude a strong sense of community pride and Southern hospitality.

Francis Marion University

Founded in 1970, Francis Marion University is named in honor of South Carolina’s Revolutionary War hero, General Francis Marion, who was nicknamed “The Swamp Fox” for using terrain and guile to outwit his Loyalist adversaries. Today, FMU is one of South Carolina’s 13 four-year, state-assisted universities. Classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a master’s level university, FMU takes pride in providing a strong comprehensive, liberal arts education in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate studies.


#1 North Georgia Nighthawks


#2 USC Aiken Pacers


#3 Georgia College Bobcats


#4 Columbus State Cougars


#5 UNC Pembroke Braves


#6 Flagler Saints


#7 Lander Bearcats


#8 Georgia Southwestern Hurricanes


Tournament Central

Date Home Score Away Score Status Links
Wed. 10 Georgia College 14 Flagler % 0 Final - 7 innings
  USC Aiken 3 Lander % 2 Final
  North Georgia 10 Ga. Southwestern % 6 Final
  Columbus State 0 UNC Pembroke % 5 Final
Thu. 11 Flagler 4 Lander % 3 Final
  Georgia College 12 USC Aiken % 2 Final - 7 innings
  Ga. Southwestern 11 Columbus State % 10 Final - 10 innings
  UNC Pembroke 8 North Georgia % 5 Final
Fri. 12 USC Aiken 4 Flagler % 8 Final
  North Georgia 4 Ga. Southwestern % 1 Final
  Flagler 4 UNC Pembroke % 3 Final
  North Georgia 6 Georgia College % 7 Final
Sat. 13 UNC Pembroke 5 Flagler % 0 Final
  UNC Pembroke 5 Georgia College % 6 Final
% Post season